Japan Project

We strive to enhance the worth of ryokans and hotels,
which represent Japan's world-class hospitality, by reviewing them from a professional perspective.

Total assistance provided by professionals in each field

Total assistance provided by professionals in each field

Our team of consultants consists of accomplished professionals with extensive knowledge in various fields. Experts who have been ryokan board members and those with experience at hotel development and operation companies, as well as others well-versed in accounting, tax and legal affairs, are poised to assist. This panel of expertise makes us the only company able to offer original solutions tailored to your business.

We specialize in ryokans and hotels, providing the following

Sakura's 3 services

Operations /

  • Management consignment
  • New business support
    • Market research support
    • Business planning support
    • Scheduling support for
      • Facilities and FF&E selection
      • Website making / Online
        travel agent (OTA)
        arrangement support


  • Branding
  • Concept making
  • Online customer attraction
  • Design and creation support


  • Management and operations consulting
    • Performance improvement
    • Remodelling and renovation support
  • Due diligence
  • Planning support

In pursuit of world-class accommodations, we offer consultation with an emphasis on the expert execution of day-to-day operations.

"Japanese hospitality is magnificent."
Highly acclaimed throughout the world today, the spirit of Japanese omotenashi hospitality has been handed down for generations, and is comprised of thoughtfulness, courteousness and an attention to detail that is unique to Japan.

Ryokans and hotels are the epitome of omotenashi hospitality, offering comprehensive services in terms of food, clothing and shelter. The industry is not without its challenges, though, due to the expansive range it covers, from facilities and equipment to food and services.

After determining the current situation of each ryokan or hotel, we work with frontline employees to come up with the best solutions, then join forces to implement them.

Steady, small steps lead to progress in administration. At Sakura, we have members with experience in management improvement, enabling us to provide support with attention to detail.

Through our services, we pursue globally competitive Japanese accommodations while revitalizing local communities.

Ryokans and hotels
we have helped

110 as of July 2023

about company
Company name
Sakura Inc.


6th Floor, Ebisu Five Building

2-2-6 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Three minute-walk from the West Exit of Ebisu Station on JR and Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

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President and CEO
Yuichi Takahashi
Main business
Management support specializing in ryokan and hotel industry
Number of staff

Certified Support Institution for Business Innovation
(Kanzai kin 1 #362 20150512 Kanto #2)


Let us help solve your management problems

Whatever the accommodation, large or small, contact us and let us know about your management issues. Our varied professional staff will work with you to come up with solutions tailored to your individual needs, and take action towards future success.